Rupesh Paul Productions Ltd. is another feather in the hat of the talented Rupesh Paul. With RPPL, he moves on to be a producer as well along with is film making.
Ever since Saint Dracula 3D, Rupesh considers Hollywood to be no less than corporate mafia. “Only genuine talent can help you succeed there”, says he. Thus, his decides to step into the shoes of a producer.
His first production will see make his dream come true with his long thought, Kamasutra 3D. When he decided to produce Kamasutra 3D, it was a matter for his future ventures too. He wishes to “make the sort of movies that his heart cherishes, without having to make compromises”. Kamasutra 3D differs in the aspect that it is just not a movie that plan just to cash in on the name. “To me, this is an opportunity to present my own outlook about beauty and its manifestations” – states the director turned producer.
Kamasutra 3D will be followed by a bag of new thought movies under RPPL, which would be revealed at a steady pace, in the days to come.
RPPL operates several divisions, including theatrical distribution, marketing, and home video. Building on new waves of innovation and creativity, RPPL initiates the production of films that resonate with both mainstream and niche audiences around the world. It is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company in creation, production, distribution of entertainment.

RPPL will produce and distribute a wide-ranging slate of films each year, employing a business paradigm that mitigates risk while maximizing productivity and capital. RPPL wishes to be a powerhouse of prolific artistry and filmmaking expertise. From visionary epics to heart-wrenching romances, RPPL looks forward to create all by the best talent and filmmakers in the business, keeping up the standard in cinema delivering the highest caliber of entertainment to audiences worldwide. The company delves in exciting past and the innovative techniques used today.
With time, RPPL also wishes to change by expanding the scope and appeal of its films. It will focus on films that balance the form of classic and new wave movie. It has a strong belief that the future of its movies will depend on a unique convergence of innovative thoughts.
With a rich birth of this motion picture company, RPPL wishes to serve throughout the world with its breakthrough digital innovations that bridge the gap between entertainment content and consumer delivery systems. The goal is to create the world’s best family entertainment and apply innovative technologies to raise the level of the consumer experience in a way that differentiates RPPL.
RPPL is focused on three strategic priorities:

• Creating quality and innovative content that continues to differentiate RPPL as best-in-class;

• Deploying cutting edge technologies for the content while enhancing the customer experience; and

Expanding and adding depth to our global presence
RPPL vests on to deliver a mix of international content and locally relevant, rich storytelling. RPPL’s portfolio seeks to strengthen connections with audiences by developing creative local content while making our globally acclaimed content relevant to them.
RPPL’s employees and cast members are essential to fulfilling the production goals. The mission is to drive the people dimension of our business, consistent with the company culture and values.
RPPL currently plans to release four to six movies a year spanning all genres and will oversee their global distribution with partners while self-distributing the titles.
Nevertheless, Rupesh Paul’s achievement as a writer still showcases him blended with his cinematic ventures - the true artist that he is. To have penetrated into the hard shell of American movie making, there is nothing coming his way.