Kamasutra 3D

‘Kamasutra 3D’ is his third International venture. The media launching and the poster release at the American Film Market, gives him the platform that the filmdom promises. The movie is made both in English and Hindi and his vision to create poetry on screen finally comes true. Rupesh envisions Kamasutra 3D as a period movie, where in to add to the exotic theme, he employs 3D effects. Through this unprecedented use of technique in the portrayal of erotica, Rupesh promises a new dimension to it. Set in the backdrop of the ancient, Kamasutra 3D is the journey of a soulful love embodied with betrayal and war. It weaves the transformative changes in body, mind and soul by the forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.

In the director’s words, “the movie will cross all the false barriers set in our Indian tradition, regarding our value and moral systems”. He says Indian morality has to lose its prudish psyche resulted from decades of Colonialism.

Sexy siren, Sherlyn Chopra, plays the substantial character of an Aphrodite, in this much discussed movie. Other actors include Milind Gunaji, Nasser, Makarand Deshpande, Maleena Khan, Salim Kumar, Sushmita Mukherjee, , Gajendra Chauhan, Mohan Kapoor, Amit Bahl and others. King Mal Khan would debut with film as the male lead portraying the character of a Prince and a Naga Sanyasi.

Rupesh had conceived the idea three years back but decides put it as his tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema. He embraces the subject of sexuality aesthetically. He plans to treat sex off its vulgarity and promises a delight to all sensibilities. When asked about the use of nudity in the movie, he reminds us that Indian law is not against nudity but against obscenity.