The Film maker

The poet at heart turned a Film maker, facing the difficulties of acceptance here too. His first movie, ‘The Temptations between My Legs’, was denied a censor board certificate. Thereafter, one of his movie, ‘Pithavum Kanyakayum’, made its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, 2010. The movie featured M. G. Sasi, the director of much famed Adayalangal as the hero.
But his next attempt is what put him in the spotlight. The movie, ‘One Cannot Step into the Same River Twice’, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival of 2012 and Florence Film Festival, Italy. A matchless achievement in the kitty of a dreamer, determined to remain as an artist at any cost. In his next Malayalam venture, ‘Laptop’, Rupesh attempted a new wave Korean technique in narration which was a new treat to the audience.

Life took a turn when his movie, ‘Mrugam’, was selected at the Cannes, the following year. There he met Mr. Sohan Roy who was impressed by his story, The Seventh Bride of Dracula. They both then came together and ‘Saint Dracula 3D’ – the movie, was the outcome. The film bagged 3 long listings at the Academy awards for Best Motion Picture, Original Background Score, and Best Original Song.
For Rupesh, it has been a phenomenal jump from Malayalam Industry to Hollywood. But one thing remains the same, as he says “The language of cinema is the same all over.

I also found that all over the world, everyone accepts the dictatorship of the director.” He complements Sreevalsan Menon for having scored songs with western feel with Indian instruments. Focusing on his craft, Rupesh focused on short films and directed ‘The Secret Diaries of Mona Lisa’, in which he came up with an interesting tale behind the intriguing smile of Mona Lisa.